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Pilots and Commandos join in Courage to Refuse Demonstration 18/01/2004

Hundreds of demonstrators protested at the Kissufim Checkpoint last Friday.

The Kisufim demonstration is an initiative of Courage to Refuse the 583 IDFs active reserve combatants who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. The pilots who signed The Pilots Letter and the soldiers of Sayaeret Matkal who signed The Commandos Letter have joined them in this initiative, which is the first in a planned ongoing cooperation between the groups.


In addition, several bereaved parents joined the rally, spoke against the occupation and called: Bring the boys back home.


The choice of Kisufim checkpoint as the demonstration site is symbolic: Many IDFs soldiers were killed during the past 3 years in Gaza strip, merely for the purpose of securing secluded and disputable settlements.


The event was covered extensively by the Israeli press (see Haaretz), as well as by several European radio and TV stations.


Pictures from the demonstration:




On the same day, some 30 supporters of the refusenik movement in the USA demonstrated in front of the Israeli Consulate in NY.


Pictures from the demonstration:


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