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PM's Senior Advisor Confirms: The Refusal Generated the Disengagement Plan 13/10/2004

Dov Wiesglass, a senior advisor for Sharon and the PM's former bureau chief, told Haaretz, a leading Israeli newspaper, that one of the reasons for Ariel Sharon's decision to declare the evacuation of Israelis from Gaza Strip and his initiative of the Disengagement Plan, was the combatant's refusal to serve in the occupied territories. Weisglass, who also pointed out the broad support in Israel for the Geneva as one of the reasons for Sharon's plan, told Haaretz about the process that led Sharon to decide on withdrawal from Gaza: "And then we were hit with the letters of officers and the letters pilots and the letters of commandos. These were not weird kids with green ponytails and a ring in their nose with a strong odor of grass. These were people like Spector's group. Really our finest young people".

In the interview, Wiesglass explained that for Sharon, the Disengagement initiative's significance is in freezing the peace process. The disengagement, he told the interviewer, "supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will be no political process with the Palestinians".

Courage to Refuse response to the PM's aide's declarations was that Sharon's intentions, as now revealed by his advisor, were always to continue the occupation. "Only the public, the parents and the soldiers will be able to get Israel out of the Occupied Territories", said CTR spokesperson.




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