I accuse you Palestinians of crossing all the red lines, in your struggle for freedom.

Of not raising your voice when your brothers exploded and crushed the essence of humanity.

I accuse myself. I was silent in face of the occupation.

I accuse us of ruling other people.

Of being indifferent to the suffering of others, despite our own persecuted past.

Of oppressing and humiliating.

Day after day. Hour after hour. For 35 years.

Of not seeing ourselves as Palestinians.

Of convincing ourselves that we have done everything for peace.

Of building more than one hundred settlements.

Of expanding the settlements while talking peace.

Of expecting the Israeli Defense Forces to violently oppress inspirations of freedom.

Of shouting as officers 'after me!' though we knew we would not be able to look into the eyes of a mother who will lose her son.

Of being afraid. Afraid to shout too loud.

Afraid to pay a personal price to defense the moral image of this land.

Of betraying the human dignity of others and ourselves.

Of crushing the right of freedom.

Of being blind to a black flag which was hanging over our heads for 35 years.

Itai Haviv.