By Ishai Rosen-Zvi (translated by Assaf Oron)

I, Ishay Rosen-Zvi, son of Ariel Dov (bless his memory) and Miriam (may she live a long life), wish to light this Beacon, at this time of great darkness, in the name of all reserve soldiers who have found the courage in their hearts to refuse to take part in the terrible deeds that are being perpetrated in the Occupied Territories.
Who drew themselves out of the norm, because the norm allows day by day - whether by deed or by silence - the commitment of severe crimes.
Who are ready to endure the disdain and the curses, the astonishment and the scorn, in order to avoid violating the dictates of their conscience. In order that, when the day comes, and their children ask them where they had been, they will not have to look down in shame and explain why they treated other human beings in such a way. Who understand that some things are more important than friendship, camaraderie, or even obedience to the written law.
Finally, I light this beacon with a great hope to see an Independence Day without Occupation, death and oppression. The independence of a sane State, of which one can truly take pride and glory.

I wrote these words a few weeks ago, but since then much more terrible days have come upon us. These are days uncalled for, and they render my words above irrelevant. Any yesterday seems now like a remote and happy dream, and any ceremony, critical and sober as it may be, has become a luxury.
In these days of a terrible and idiotic War of Deceit, a war that is wholly a blind desire for revenge, an eye for an eye, thousands of eyes for an eye, in these days when the present seems like a nightmare, I want to cry out and warn of what awaits us yet. The State of Israel is sowing today in the Occupied Territories oppression, humiliation, despair and death, and it will reap terror, terror and more terror. And when the next waves of terror arrive (they are already closing in upon us), certain Generals and Politicians with an authoritative bass voice will come out and explain, that it is all because they were not allowed to finish the job.

"Indeed", many will say to themselves, "why not let them finish the job. It may not help, but we must try." This is where we must cry out, and say that we have seen (in spite of all the efforts to hide and conceal) this 'job', that we are beginning to understand what lurks behind the desire to 'finish the job'. Where are these people taking us back to, whom and what are they intending to finish there? What has remained there to destroy, who has remained whole?

I do not know whether anyone is listening, but we must not stop crying out loud. Because whoever is not crying out today, is an accomplice.

Ishai Rosen-Zvi