Amit Gal ,31, father of a 4 years old son. Serves in the paratroopers since 1989. His uncle on his mother side was killed in 1968 as a Comando soldies, His uncle on his father side was killed in 1973 in the 73 war.
His father was hadicaped during his service in the IDF in the past.
Before his trial he contacted his commanders and asked not to be stationed in the territories. He requested to be assigned to anything else available.
Despite his requests his CO met him this sunday, cursed him (he later apologized), and then Amit was sentenced by his regiment commander to 28 days in Military Prison 4.

Sharon Shmila,29 , married and father of a 10 months old baby girl. Serves as an officer in an infantry unti (GOLANI). Before his recent service he contacted his commanders and asked to be reasigned to a location out side of the territories.
His CO setenced him to 28 days in Military Prison 6.

A.M. has requested not to publish his details.

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