We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
1891 jfk assad Philippines
1892 Yasmine Assadipour Algeria
1893 Jenin Assaf United States
1894 Wes Assaf United States
1895 Rema Assaf United States
1896 Dana Assaf United States
1897 Anne Asselin Canada
1898 AMER ASSI France
1899 hakkem assmar Other
1900 Patricia Astorga Spain
1901 Maria S Astrup Norway
1902 Gen Atem Switzerland
1903 Evi Athena United States
1904 Karen Athey-Bradley; United States
1905 Bryan Atinsky Israel
1906 Martha Atkinson United States
1907 Grimur Atlason Iceland
1908 Birgitte Atme United States
1909 Yoshiko Atsumi Japan
1910 Ito Atsushi Japan
1911 roberto attanasio Italy
1912 Paul Attemann Other
1913 michael attias United States
1914 Carine ATTIAS France
1915 Peter Attwood United States
1916 nhfk au Other
1917 Julien AUBRY France
1918 Lenders Aude Belgium
1919 Thierry Audic France
1920 durand audrey France
1921 Dellisse Audrey Canada
1923 Nina Auerbach Other
1924 Joy Augenstern United States
1925 joy augenstern United States
1926 Giorgio Aulisio Italy
# Name Country
1927 ringelheim aur?lien France
1928 sorsoli aurora Other
1929 aurore aurore France
1930 Michel Austin United Kingdom
1931 Graham Auty United Kingdom
1932 Harri Auvinen Finland
1933 Ivanildo Avelar Other
1934 Mariana Avelas Portugal
1935 Alon Averbuch United States
1936 Andrew Averill United Kingdom
1937 Elizabeth Avery United States
1938 Stefano Avesani Italy
1939 A. Avia Spain
1941 dotan aviram Israel
1942 Tal Aviran Canada
1943 Ben Avishai United States
1944 goldstein aviv Other
1945 Ronit Avni United States
1946 Hadas Avni Israel
1947 Raymond Avon Canada
1948 Wesley Avram United States
1949 Evyatar Av-Ron United States
1950 sherene awad Palestine
1951 ahmad aweidah Israel
1952 Sameer Awwad Jordan
1953 PIERS Axel Belgium
1954 Karin Axelsson Sweden
1955 YUI aya Japan
1956 Umer Ayub United States
1957 Yyamakawa Ayumu Other
1958 Gonzalo Aza Spain
1959 eid azar Lebanon
1960 Assaf Azaria Israel
1961 Niaz Azeez Other
1962 jawad azem Canada
# Name Country
1963 Karim azer-nessim Belgium
1964 Tariq Aziz Scotland
1965 Keith B United Kingdom
1966 Ali B United States
1967 yael b Israel
1968 Chris Bégneux France
1969 Sylva Böök Finland
1970 Sandra Böer Germany
1971 Peter Bürger Germany
1972 Jessica B. United States
1973 J. B. United States
1974 paul b. United States
1975 Richard B. United States
1976 Cherlyn B. United States
1977 Andrew B. Philippines
1978 Amjad B. Palestine
1979 James B. United States
1980 Jane B. Other
1981 R. B. United States
1982 Esther B. United States
1983 Jonathan B. United States
1984 Giordano B. Italy
1985 Rachel B. Other
1986 Saul B. United States
1987 Em B. United States
1988 Jamil B. Canada
1989 Howard B. United States
1990 Olga B. United States
1991 Victoria B. Other
1992 charles b. United States
1993 Cyrus B. United States
1994 Federica B. Italy
1995 Yvany B. United States