We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
1996 Joseph B. United States
1997 Lena B. Other
1998 Alshai B. Anado Egypt
1999 Elisabeth B√ľcking Other
2000 jan baake Germany
2001 theo baal Great Britain
2002 Ayako BABA Japan
2003 Murad BABADAG Turkey
2004 Nurit Bacharach Israel
2005 Stephan Backes Other
2006 Hjalmar Backlund Sweden
2007 Jesse Bacon United States
2008 Jaume Badiella Other
2009 Casandra Badillo United States
2010 Tal Badrawi United States
2011 Sheila Baer United States
2012 Ries Baeten Belgium
2013 Maurizio Bagatin Italy
2014 Shohini Bagchee Canada
2015 John Baggerman Other
2016 Marloes Bagijn Netherlands
2017 Andrea Baglioni Italy
2018 Bob Bahador Canada
2019 Orna Bahat United States
2020 Joana Bahia Brazil
2021 Julia Baikov Canada
2022 Cameron Bailey United States
2023 S Bailey New Zealand
2024 Compton Bailey Other
2025 Jo Bailey United Kingdom
2026 Lucy Bailey Other
2027 Maya Bailey Israel
2028 olivier bailleul Canada
2029 Kate Baillie United Kingdom
2030 Martha Baine United States
2031 Helen Baird United States
# Name Country
2032 Borut Bajc Slovenia
2033 ginevra bajno Other
2034 Sima Bakalian Other
2035 Karl Baker United States
2036 Akram Baker Germany
2037 Turk Baker United Kingdom
2038 Roger Baker United States
2039 Marc Baker United States
2040 Andrew Baker United States
2041 Raymond Baker United States
2042 Joel Baker Canada
2043 Rola Baki Other
2044 Benjamin Balak United States
2045 Edo Balak France
2046 Risto Balalovski Macedonia
2047 Abdelghani Balar Morocco
2048 Paolo Baldan Other
2049 Alberto Baldini Italy
2051 Alex Balduccini Other
2052 Kirby Baldwin United States
2053 Greg  Baldwin United States
2054 I. Balija Canada
2055 Joanna Baliszewska United States
2056 Samuel Balk Finland
2057 Emmanuel Ball France
2058 John Ball Australia
2059 Tia Ballantine United States
2060 Karen Ballentine United States
2061 berta ballester Spain
2062 Will Balmer United States
2063 Rosella Balossino Other
2064 Susan Balzer United States
2065 David Bancroft Canada
2066 Cristina Bandeira Italy
2067 simonetta bandelli Italy
# Name Country
2068 Sabine Bandelow Germany
2069 Maja Bang United States
2070 Channa Bankier Sweden
2071 Channa Bankier Sweden
2072 Helen Banks United Kingdom
2073 PERREAU Baptiste France
2074 Karin Baqi Canada
2075 Rosario Baquero Spain
2076 Lluisa Baques Japan
2077 Irene  Bar Sela Israel
2078 sivan Barak Australia
2079 lilach barak Israel
2080 OSAMA BARAKAT United States
2081 adel barakat United States
2082 Bilal Barakat United Kingdom
2083 Stefano Barale Italy
2084 Janusz Baranek France
2085 Roberto Baranzini Other
2086 Weinand Barbara Germany
2087 breitbach barbara Germany
2088 GORCZYCA Barbe France
2089 Peter Barber United Kingdom
2090 Pier Luigi Barberini Italy
2091 lia barberini Italy
2092 Lynda Barbiea United States
2093 Fabio Barbieri England
2094 Driss Barbour Canada
2095 Tsvi Bar-David Austria
2096 Alberto Bardelli United States
2097 Michael Bardoff United States
2098 Ellen E Barfield United States
2099 Benno Barg Canada
2100 Z Bargash United States