We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israel’s defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
2101 Bill Bargeman Canada
2102 Daniel Baribaud France
2103 Gr?goire Baribeau Canada
2104 Tali Bar-Ilan United States
2105 Ruth Barkai Israel
2106 Styrmir Barkarson Other
2107 nawal barkawi United States
2108 ifat bar-lev Israel
2109 Robert Barlow United Kingdom
2110 liori  barnai Israel
2111 Caroline Barnard South Africa
2112 Anat Barnea Israel
2113 Darrell Barnes England
2114 Rudi Barnet Belgium
2115 Rob Barnett United States
2116 Lili Bar-Nof Israel
2117 Carlo Barolo Italy
2118 Arella Bar-On Israel
2119 Raphael Barr Other
2120 Tracey Barr New Zealand
2121 Liz Barraclough Other
2122 Graham Barral United Kingdom
2123 Suzanne  Barral United Kingdom
2124 jeffery barrera Spain
2125 michel barrette Other
2126 miriam barrio Spain
2127 alexandra barron Other
2128 anthony barros United States
2129 Chris Barry-Arredondo United States
2130 Toivo Barsch United States
2131 Kit Bartels United States
2132 Melanie Bartels Other
2133 Robert Barth United States
2134 Attilio Barucchi Italy
2135 Simona Baruzzo Norway
2136 Dina Barzilai United States
# Name Country
2137 Jill Bashore Other
2138 Giorgio BASILE Belgium
2139 Pete Baskerville Canada
2140 Barbera Bass United States
2141 leo bassi Spain
2142 luca bassilichi Italy
2143 Javier Bassols Spain
2144 Veronika Bastlova Canada
2145 Yael Bat-Chava United States
2146 Francesco Batini Italy
2147 Nicolas Batteau France
2148 francesca battista Italy
2149 Enrico Battocchi Italy
2150 Alberto Battocchio Italy
2151 Fride Batya France
2152 Joja bat-Yaacoub United States
2153 Dupret, Baudouin Egypt
2154 Karen Bauer Other
2155 Heinz Bauer Germany
2156 jules bault France
2157 limor baum Other
2158 David Baum United States
2159 Jan Bauman United States
2160 Syd Baumel Canada
2161 Mark Baumgarten Australia
2162 Wim Baur Belgium
2163 Vincenzo Bavaro Italy
2164 Mireille Bavré Belgium
2165 Brent Baxter Canada
2166 Chris Baxter United States
2167 Megan Baxter Other
2168 Lisa Bay El Salvador
2169 Mikkel Bay Denmark
2170 Gildas Bayard France
2171 Pascal Bayle France
2172 Alan Beach Other
# Name Country
2173 Myra Beals Other
2174 Jerome Bearbower Other
2175 Bonnie Beard United States
2176 Stuyvesant Bearns United States
2177 cotte beatrice Canada
2178 Saenz beatriz Spain
2179 Robert Beatty United States
2180 Olivier BEAUCHE France
2181 Nicolas Beaufils United States
2182 Holly Beaumont United States
2183 Gilles Beauregard Canada
2184 Sylvie Beauvais United States
2185 Virginie BEC France
2186 Damir Becirevic Italy
2187 Gina Beck United States
2188 James R. Beck United States
2189 Mary Beckel Canada
2190 Cathi Beckel Canada
2191 Heiko Becker Germany
2192 Annette Becker France
2193 Alan Becker United States
2194 James Becket United States
2195 Hilmar Beckmann Germany
2196 Paola Becucci Italy
2197 Leigh-Ann Bedal Other
2198 Douglas Bedard Canada
2199 Stella Bedard Canada
2200 Gail Bederman United States
2201 michael bedoian United States
2202 Michael Bedoian United States
2203 liz beech United Kingdom
2204 Frieda Behets United States
2205 Guner Behich United States