We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
2626 Juan Brea Spain
2627 Elizabeth Breakstone United States
2628 Jane Brearley United Kingdom
2629 J.jacob Breen Other
2630 Francesca Bregoli United States
2631 Scott Breiding United States
2632 Jim Brende United States
2633 Brigid Brennan Ireland
2634 Johanna Brenner United States
2635 Johanna Brenner Other
2636 Charles Brenner United States
2637 Shari Brenner United States
2638 Jeremy Brent United States
2639 Chris Brereton United Kingdom
2640 richard brersford New Zealand
2641 Daniel Breslau United States
2642 Laura Bresler United States
2643 Elaine Bresnick United States
2644 Bernardo Bressan Italy
2645 Matthew Brett United Kingdom
2646 Halima Brewer Spain
2647 Alyson Brewer England
2648 John Brhel United States
2649 Rabbi Brian United States
2650 Christopher Brice Israel
2651 Joel Brich Belgium
2652 Laura Brickell United Kingdom
2653 Umberto Brida Italy
2654 Irene Bridges Italy
2655 Paul Bridgman England
2656 Ellen Bridle United States
2657 D. Brien United States
2658 Liz Briesemeister United States
2659 DE BRIEY Other
2660 Jean BRIFFON France
2661 Peter Bright, United States
# Name Country
2662 Glenn Brightwell United States
2663 alberta brigi Israel
2664 reusser brigitt Switzerland
2665 Renard Brigitte Belgium
2666 Alice Brilmayer Other
2667 Justine Brindle Australia
2668 Alan Briquez France
2669 Diane Brisebois Canada
2670 Gene Briski United States
2671 Daniel Bristow England
2672 Ed Brite Other
2673 Harold Brochmann Canada
2674 Mike Brock England
2675 M. Brock Canada
2676 Marion Brockie Scotland
2677 shannon broderick Other
2678 Barbara Brodersen United States
2679 Malene Brodersen Denmark
2680 Michel Brodeur Canada
2681 Mimi Brody United States
2682 Patricia Brodzki Belgium
2683 Robin Bronk-Engstrand United States
2684 Dina Bronner Israel
2685 Wendy Bronson United States
2686 Lev Bronstein United States
2687 Amara Brook United States
2688 Joshua Brook United States
2689 Lynne Brooke Israel
2690 E. Brooke United States
2691 Alec Brookes Canada
2692 Jackie Brookman Other
2693 S Brooks United States
2694 Fiona Brophy Other
2695 Jim Brophy Canada
2696 Magen Broshi Israel
2697 Thierry Brouwer Belgium
# Name Country
2698 Naomi Browar United States
2699 Amanda Brown United States
2700 Catherine Brown Other
2701 hal brown Canada
2702 peter brown Canada
2703 Lia Brown Canada
2704 Bob Brown United States
2705 tocca brown United States
2706 Karl Brown United States
2707 Rudy Brown United States
2708 Sue Brown Other
2709 Jeffrey Brown United States
2710 Megan Brown United States
2711 Stacey Brown United States
2712 fanon brown Other
2713 William Brown Israel
2714 adrienne brown United States
2715 Amanda  Brown United States
2716 Brenda Brown United Kingdom
2717 Bill Brown Other
2718 joseph brown United States
2719 Bob Brown United States
2720 Shmuel Browns Israel
2721 shale brownstein United States
2722 Alizah Brozgold United States
2723 Anthony Brubacher United States
2724 Eric Bruce Other
2725 Sheila Bruce United States
2726 David Bruce South Africa
2727 Silvia Brucklacher Germany
2728 Andrea Bruemmer United States
2729 Stijn  Bruers Belgium
2730 Marianne Brun United States