We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
3256 Catherine Clyne United States
3257 Jay Cobb United States
3258 Marianna Cocca United States
3259 Marcel Coderch Spain
3260 Roger Codina Spain
3261 Isabela Coelho Knapp England
3262 Ian Coggin United Kingdom
3263 David Cohen Canada
3264 Ilan Cohen Italy
3265 Elizabeth Cohen Germany
3266 Peter Cohen England
3267 Shaul Cohen Canada
3268 Dorit Cohen England
3269 idit cohen Israel
3270 Mike Cohen United Kingdom
3271 anja cohen Netherlands
3272 Yaniv Cohen England
3273 anat cohen Israel
3274 David Cohen Spain
3275 Tamar Cohen Israel
3276 J. Cohen United States
3277 steve Cohen Other
3278 Uri Cohen United Kingdom
3279 Eric Cohen United States
3280 Ron Cohen England
3281 Robert Cohen United States
3282 Gabriel Cohen United States
3283 Hagit Cohen Israel
3284 Howard Cohen United States
3285 Ephrem Cohen Brazil
3286 Yigal Cohen United States
3287 moshe cohen Israel
3288 Ron Cohen England
3289 Nicole Cohen-Addad Israel
3290 John Cohen-Bitzan Canada
3291 John Cohen-Bitzan Canada
# Name Country
3292 Robyn Cohen-Rosenfeld Germany
3293 Adele Colantuono United States
3294 Daniel Cole United States
3295 corrine cole United States
3296 Jeb Coleman United States
3297 Suzanne Cole-Rice United States
3298 PIERAERT Colette Belgium
3299 Aussems Colette Belgium
3300 Craig Colgan Ireland
3301 Dr Colin Other
3302 M. Colleen United States
3303 Emmanuel Collier Dominican Republic
3304 Pierre Collignon Belgium
3305 P Collin Denmark
3306 Denis COLLIN France
3307 Deirdre Collings Canada
3308 Jerome Collins United States
3309 Michele Collins United States
3310 Mike Collins Other
3311 Michael Collins Russian Federation
3312 John Collins United States
3313 Gwendal Collis United Kingdom
3314 Timothy Colman United States
3315 Alessandra Colombaro Italy
3316 Sergio Colombo Italy
3317 Giovanni Colpo Italy
3318 Francesca Coltellacci Italy
3319 John Colter United States
3320 gabriele colucci Italy
3321 Bobby Colvill United Kingdom
3323 Ronald Comeau Canada
3324 Giacomo Comi Italy
3325 elena cominardi Italy
3326 Germana Comite Italy
3327 Jean-Louis COMOLLI France
# Name Country
3328 Dante Comparetto Other
3329 Michele Compassi Italy
3330 Emmanuel COMTE Canada
3331 Em Raelian Comte Canada
3332 Peggy Conard United States
3333 Peggy Conard United States
3334 Marcello Conati Other
3335 Glenn Condell Australia
3336 Michele Condoluci Italy
3337 Giovanni Congiu Italy
3338 Jennifer Conlin Canada
3339 Richard Connelly United States
3340 Deborah Conner United States
3341 Allan ConnollyMD Canada
3342 matthew connor Other
3343 Joan Conroy United States
3344 Chris Constandinou United Kingdom
3345 Alberto Conti Italy
3346 Claudio Conti Italy
3347 dalit contini Italy
3348 Laurence Contion England
3349 edgardo contreras Mexico
3350 Don Conway United Kingdom
3351 Lynn Conway Scotland
3352 Nader Coobtee United States
3353 Kelly Cook United States
3354 Stuart Cook Czech Republic
3355 Bill  Cook Israel
3356 Gregg Cooke United States
3357 Jamal Cool Other
3358 Jeanette Cool Other
3359 Patrick Cooley Canada
3360 Eva Coombes Ireland