We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israel’s defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
3466 Guia Croce Italy
3467 Michela Crociani Italy
3468 Mason Crocker United States
3469 Alyssa Crockett Other
3470 James Crockett United States
3471 Peter Croft England
3472 Andrew Crofts Other
3473 David Croll Switzerland
3474 Nancy Crom United States
3475 Nick Cross Spain
3476 James Crothers New Zealand
3477 Lane Crothers United States
3478 Maree Crouch Australia
3479 Tony Crow United States
3480 Richard Crowe England
3481 Amber Crowell United States
3482 maryn crowell United States
3483 Tim Crowley United States
3484 Daniel Crute Australia
3485 Susana Cruz Spain
3486 ce cruz Portugal
3487 Joan Cuadrench Spain
3488 Stewart Cubley United States
3489 Elizabeth Cuccaro United States
3490 Eletta Cucuzza Italy
3491 Chris Cudmore Australia
3492 Will Cullen Canada
3493 emmannuel culman United States
3494 Peter Culpan Australia
3495 Ora Cummings Israel
3496 Eric Cunningham United States
3497 Jason Cupelo United States
3498 Jackie Curbishley Barbados
3499 Carla Curio United States
3500 Erol Curmak United States
3501 Stephanie Curnoe Canada
# Name Country
3502 kika curovic France
3503 Theresa Curry United States
3504 Grant Curtis Other
3505 Ivora Cusack France
3506 camille Cusumano United States
3507 Mark Cutler Canada
3508 Prairie Cutting United States
3509 Lisa Cuva Other
3510 christophe cuvelier France
3511 Verganelakis Cynthia Belgium
3512 Rudy Cypser Other
3513 Rudy Cypser Other
3514 w cyr Canada
3515 Roussel Cyril France
3516 Marie Côté Canada
3517 Renée D France
3518 A D Austria
3519 Khrystene D Australia
3520 Richard Déry Canada
3521 William D. United States
3522 Micheal D. Other
3523 Sheryl D. United States
3524 J. D. United States
3525 Mark D. Other
3526 Ian D. Other
3527 Biannca D. Australia
3528 Treg D. United States
3529 Joseph D. United States
3530 Nicholas D. United States
3531 Mary D. United States
3532 Jonathan D. Canada
3533 Jan D. Other
3534 Allen D. United States
3535 Lisa D. Canada
3536 Davide D.A. Italy
3537 Gomes da Belgium
# Name Country
3538 Fons Daalderop Netherlands
3539 Robert Daamen Other
3540 Caterina Dabalà Italy
3541 Dalia Dabbous United States
3542 Noura Dabdoub United States
3543 Les Dabney United States
3544 itay dafni Israel
3545 John Dagge Australia
3546 Kristen Daglish Australia
3547 nael dagstani United States
3548 Mike Dahan Israel
3549 ZAHER DAHER Other
3550 Kathy Dahl-Bredine Mexico
3551 Okada Dai Japan
3552 Matsubara Dai Japan
3553 Isabelle Daillant France
3554 Alex Daily Other
3555 tarek dajani United Kingdom
3556 tarek dajani Palestine
3557 Francesco Dal Italy
3558 Daniele Dal Italy
3559 sofi dalal United States
3560 Amalia DAlascio Italy
3561 Ryan Daley United States
3562 Rune Dalgaard Denmark
3563 Joyce Dalsheim Israel
3564 Gordon Dalton Ireland
3565 Debra Daly United States
3566 Alessandra Daly Italy
3567 LuAnne Daly United States
3568 Debra Daly United States
3569 sakina damani United Kingdom
3570 Kiki Damianidou Other