We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
3676 Davide De Italy
3677 Antoine de Belgium
3678 Marius de Netherlands
3679 Fabio De Italy
3680 Gillian de Scotland
3681 Hans de Netherlands
3682 Martin de Netherlands
3683 Thierry DE Belgium
3684 Andrea de Spain
3685 M. de Other
3686 salvatore de Italy
3687 Gerrit de Other
3688 Marius de Netherlands
3689 Tron de France
3690 Waldo de Netherlands
3691 Rieneke de Netherlands
3692 Frank De Bartolo United States
3693 Koen De Groof Belgium
3694 pierre de hanscutter Belgium
3695 gerald de hemptinne Belgium
3696 José de la Torre United States
3697 Thomas De Loecker Belgium
3698 patrice de rorthais France
3699 Gillian de Santos (please omit) Scotland
3700 Bert  De Smedt Belgium
3701 R Dean United States
3702 BA DeBase United States
3703 Peter Debelius Spain
3704 andy debergalis United States
3705 claudio debetto Italy
3707 Ans Deblauwe Belgium
3708 Trevor deBoer Canada
3709 Robert DeBold United States
3710 Eugenia Debortoli Italy
3711 Ludovic Debriey Other
# Name Country
3712 Roy deCarvalho Portugal
3713 Guillaume Dechauffour France
3714 Michael Decker United Kingdom
3715 Shulamit Decktor United States
3716 Marie DeClerck Belgium
3717 Rebecca DeCola United States
3718 Patrick Dedoni France
3719 Leila Deen United Kingdom
3720 Tatiana Deflorian Italy
3721 Maria DeFranco United Kingdom
3722 ?lvaro Degives Netherlands
3723 Duane Degler United States
3724 Fabien Degolla Belgium
3725 Elise DeGooyer United States
3726 Carmel Dekel United States
3727 Francesco Del Italy
3728 samanta del Other
3729 Pilar del Spain
3730 Giovanni Del Denmark
3731 Christophe Delaere Belgium
3732 Timothy Delaney Israel
3733 JC Deledicq France
3734 Domingos Delgado Canada
3735 Guarionex Delgado United States
3736 Cecily Dell United States
3737 Damon Della United States
3738 lina dellagiacoma Italy
3739 Cristina Dellantonio Italy
3740 Marco DellAquila Italy
3741 Alex Deller England
3742 Dimitri Delomez France
3743 Bordage Delphine France
3744 Colette Demers Canada
3745 P DeMichele United States
3746 Marion Deming United States
3747 Marcel Demiranda United States
# Name Country
3748 Carolyn Demorest United States
3749 Mick Dempsey England
3750 Van den Belgium
3751 Van den Belgium
3752 van den Other
3753 Jennifer Denham United States
3754 Christopher Deninger Other
3755 Amy Denio United States
3756 LEVY-ROSSI Denis France
3757 Suzanne Denison United States
3758 Aynur Deniz Australia
3759 Nick Dennany United States
3760 vicky dennison Australia
3761 Kathleen Denny United States
3762 Dan Denov Other
3763 Dan Denov United States
3764 Nicole dEntremont United States
3765 Van der Belgium
3766 Athena DeRasmo Israel
3767 Judith Dereau Belgium
3768 Gerardo Dereviziis Other
3769 Andrea Derni Italy
3770 Martine DEROUAUX Belgium
3771 Samira Derouiche United States
3772 Milind Desai United States
3773 Adrianne DeSantis United States
3774 Nathalie Desbiens United States
3775 Lyne Desmarais Canada
3776 Dimitris Desyllas United States
3777 Brice dethier Belgium
3778 Josie Dethiers France
3779 Briana Deutsch United States
3780 Yves DEVILLERS France