We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
3991 Chris E. Other
3992 Martha E. United States
3993 Luis E. Mexico
3994 Beatrcie E. Germany
3995 Kim E. United States
3996 Gerald E. United States
3997 Janice E. United States
3998 Anthony E. United States
3999 Steven E. United States
4000 Kenneth E. Other
4001 Roland E. Switzerland
4002 Mary E. United States
4003 Sara E. Other
4004 Claire E. Other
4005 Joe E. Other
4006 James E. United States
4007 Christine E. United States
4008 James E. United States
4009 Mario E. Argentina
4010 Jill E. United States
4011 S. E. Canada
4012 Myriam E. France
4013 Alice Eagly United States
4014 Karey Eals United States
4015 Blythe Eastman United States
4016 David Easton United States
4017 bolivar eastrella United States
4018 Rosie Eatwell England
4019 John Ebel Australia
4020 Fahreen Ebrahim Canada
4021 Carmen Echevarría Spain
4022 Thomas Echterhof Germany
4023 Markus Eckert Germany
4024 Eyer Eddy Switzerland
4025 carol edeburn Egypt
4026 Miriam Edelman United States
# Name Country
4027 Tal Edelstein Other
4028 David Eden United States
4029 max ediger Hong Kong
4030 CROUZET Edith France
4031 Sara Edson Australia
4032 Donald Edwards United Kingdom
4033 Gabriel Edwards United States
4034 richard edwards New Zealand
4035 Mark Edwards Australia
4036 Rainer Eelmäe Estonia
4037 Dean Efkarpidis United States
4038 roni efrat Israel
4039 Hugo Efron Argentina
4040 Maria  Efthymiou Greece
4041 Hajime Egawa Japan
4042 Niels Ege Other
4043 Halil Ege Germany
4044 Josyane egle France
4045 Shelley Egoz New Zealand
4046 Toshinori Ehara Japan
4047 Ann Ehringhaus United States
4048 Frank Ehrmann United States
4049 Einar Örn Eiðsson Iceland
4050 Andreas Eickelkamp Germany
4051 Elisabeth Eide Other
4052 Barry Eidlin United States
4053 marcel eilenstein Germany
4054 Bengt Einarsson Sweden
4055 Yaron Einav England
4056 Ed Einstein United States
4057 erez einy Israel
4058 salloum eisa Belgium
4059 Markus Eisen Germany
4060 Sarah Eisenstein United States
4061 Sophia Eisenstorg Belgium
4062 Nir Eisikovits United States
# Name Country
4063 Dahlia Eissa Other
4064 Mikael Ek United States
4065 Jan Ekbom Sweden
4066 Juha Ekholm Finland
4067 Sahar El Other
4068 J. El Germany
4069 Samy El Egypt
4070 Arjan El Israel
4071 monzer el Sweden
4072 Karim EL Belgium
4073 Karim El Fouiri Belgium
4074 Sr. Elaine United States
4075 Dr Elaine Other
4076 Ahmad Elayan Other
4077 Mourad Elayan United States
4078 Numan El-Bakri United Kingdom
4079 Moudy Elbayadi United States
4080 oren elbaz Israel
4081 Tanya Elder United States
4082 Intesar Elder United States
4083 Katalin Eldik Other
4084 Albert Eldik Other
4085 Joe Eldred United States
4086 bellagmba elena Other
4087 bellagamba elena Other
4088 maria elena Other
4089 AIMAN ELESSAWY United States
4090 Khalid EL-Farra England
4091 shneur elgar Israel
4092 darwish elhajji Other
4093 Adam Elias Canada
4094 Pianezzola Elio Italy
4095 degon elisabeth France