We who sign below, support the struggle of the reserve officers and soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. Since we understand that the missions of occupation and oppression do not serve Israelís defense, we express our solidarity with all those who refuse to engage in them.

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We are currently adding the names of all those who wished to be kept informed to a mailinglist. For more information, contact info@seruv.org.il.

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# Name Country
4096 Monti Elisabetta Italy
4097 Nathalie ELISSALDE France
4098 dorit eliyahu United States
4099 Dorit Eliyahu Israel
4100 Lamia el-Kadi Other
4101 alan elkan United Kingdom
4102 Lina El-Khairy Other
4103 Thoraya El-Khawad England
4104 Deborah Elkin United States
4105 perrin elkind United States
4106 Ilham Elkoustaf United States
4107 Denise Ellen United States
4108 Tom Elliot United States
4109 Sylvie Elliott Canada
4110 Marianne Elliott New Zealand
4111 Dan Ellis United States
4112 Diane Ellis United States
4113 Lena El-Malak Canada
4114 Anthony Elman Israel
4115 Sarah Elmore United States
4116 Ramsey El-Moslimany United States
4117 Ann El-Moslimany United States
4118 Samia El-Moslimany United States
4119 Romi Elnagar United States
4120 Michal El-Nounou Germany
4121 fontaine elodie France
4122 Danae Elon United States
4124 Dana Eloya United Kingdom
4125 Coron EloÔse Other
4126 Bette Elsden United States
4127 Ahmed Eltoukhy United States
4128 Catherine Elvey Other
4129 Luis Elvira Other
4130 Chakir Elyandouzi Netherlands
# Name Country
4132 Mr. Irucka Embry United States
4133 Susan Emerson United States
4134 James Emery Australia
4135 SHIMA Emi Japan
4136 Alberto Emiliani Italy
4137 Sepulchre Emilie Belgium
4138 cottrell emilie United States
4139 Clauzure Emilie France
4140 Sepulchre Emilie Belgium
4141 URBACH Emilien France
4142 patrick emin France
4143 THIAULT Emmaneul France
4144 Daubie Emmanuel Belgium
4145 DUPIT Emmanuel Germany
4146 Clare Emmett England
4147 Jan Enarson Canada
4148 R. Endelman United States
4149 Koichi Endo Japan
4150 Hiroe Endo Japan
4151 Lena Endresen Norway
4152 Oliver Engel Germany
4153 Ofer Engel Germany
4154 Karen Engels Other
4155 J. Engholm United States
4156 Winfried Engl Germany
4157 Catherine England Other
4158 Liz England Other
4159 Juno Sylva Englander Austria
4160 Mohamed Ennahachi Netherlands
4161 Jeane Ennis Canada
4162 MUNOZ Enrique France
4163 Ms Entera United States
4164 Adam Ephraim United States
4165 Kathy Epling United States
4166 Andy Epsein United States
4167 Julian Epstein United States
# Name Country
4168 Hedy Epstein United States
4169 Amy-Simone Erard United States
4170 Regina Erbacher-Allam Germany
4171 Pauline Erera United States
4172 edgar erez Israel
4173 Inbal Erez Israel
4174 Allan Ergel United States
4175 mahé Eric France
4176 Augier Eric United States
4177 Delon Eric France
4178 Forton Eric Belgium
4179 RONDEAU Eric Other
4180 Buo-Chun Eric Taiwan
4181 marta erica Italy
4182 Zann Erick United States
4183 Vagn Eriksen Denmark
4184 Edmund Erlemann Germany
4185 David Erlich Other
4186 Elizabeth Erlinger United States
4187 carlos ernesto Sweden
4188 Doug Ernst Other
4189 Roland ERNY France
4190 basak ertur United Kingdom
4191 Deniz Erturk United States
4192 Daoud Esam United States
4193 Javier Escartin France
4194 Peter Esdaile Australia
4195 Caryl Eshleman United States
4196 Riikka Eskola Finland
4197 Myriam Esnault France
4198 Carlos Espinosa United States
4199 L ESPINOZA United States
4200 Jamey Espinoza United States