Night of May 28/29: Fences


Dear Surfers, we are hereby opening the first edition of Word from the Editor, a webpage where you can learn what’s rolling in the minds of the “enemies of the people.”

Well, in my mind roll rolls of barbed wire, soon to become part of a fence.

Rumor has it (or rather news, thanks to the brave Amira Hass of Haaretz Newspaper, May 25), that the Israeli Army is busy now with fencing the entire city of Ramallah with a barbed wire fence. Anyone who wishes to exit the city, to any place whatsoever, even inside the West Bank – must already do it via a single exit gate. At that gate he or she must produce a signed permit from the Army’s Civil Administration.

What completes the picture is that this time the Army does not deny the story, but rather confirms it and declares that of course, “it is all for the good of the city’s inhabitants”. Ramallah is not alone: this policy is being gradually implemented in all West Bank cities.

I wonder if the pizzas sent by American Jews [as shown on Israeli news stories] reach the soldiers performing this “holy” mission, too.

My first week’s recommendation is: anyone who for some reason did not grasp the historical analogy to the above-mentioned fencing process, or who did not read Dan Tamir’s strong and prophetic personal statement, is hereby invited to hop there and read it. Reminder: the “process of operational planning” that Dan describes in his letter, was performed long ago, in the days of the well-known peace seeker and turner of stones, Mr. Ehud Barak.


That’s it for tonight. We’ll start easy on you.


Take care,

                                    Assaf Oron