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Courage to Refuse Calls: Refuse to Shoot at Gazas Civilians 23/06/2006


For the first time, CTR is calling IDF soldiers to refuse to take part in the artillery shooting and the air strikes targeting Gazas civilian neighborhoods. The eventual killing of innocent civilians, says an ad published by CTR today in the Israeli daily broadsheet Haaretz, are illegal and immoral. This IDF policy completely misses the goal of protecting Israeli civilians, as its continuing result is a clear escalation the Kassam rockets launched towards Israel by Palestinian terrorists.


CTRs ad won broad media coverage, including a headline in the page 2 of  the weekend edition of Israels most popular newspaper, Yedioth Acharonots, saying The Refusinks Strike Again.


The ad says:


We, officers and combatants in the Israeli Defense Force,

who served for many years on the various fronts,

who bereaved our friends and comrades in battles for our countrys defense,


We call IDF soldiers - pilots, navy officers and combatant and soldiers serving in the artillery units to refuse to shoot at Gaza.

IDFs shooting at Gaza has already killed dozens of innocent civilians, among them young children, and achieved nothing but the an increase in the number of Kassam missiles fired at southern Israel from Gaza and an escalation in Palestinian hate and violence towards Israel. The IDF Shooting and bombardment of crowded residential areas in Gaza is a war crime that jeopardizes Israels morality and security.



We call IDF soldiers to refuse to break Israels moral backbone

True security will never be achieved by killing children. It is the right and the duty of every IDF soldier to refuse to spill the blood of innocents civilians.




YnetNews Article:


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