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Patently irrelevant
Rather than striving for a moral, legal and legally innovative Israeli approach, with the help of a lenient and obfuscating interpretation of the "patently illegal order" the approach has become one that sanctions practically anything and, for the reasons listed above, delineates for soldiers extremely broad limits of what is permitted to them.
Theatre Professionals Refuse to Perform in Ariel
Following the news that the Israeli theaters Habima and Kameri intend to stage plays in the settlement of Ariel, Courage to Refuse called theater professionals to refuse to work in the occupied territories.
Refusenik goes to prison - Hundreds demonstrate
The demonstrators carried signs and banners calling to stop the war in Gaza and calling the soldiers of the IDF to refuse to take part in it.
Refusing to Destroy Gaza
The brutal, unprecedented violence in Gaza is shocking. The false hope that this kind of violence will bring security to Israelis is all the more dangerous.
Courage to Refuse Calls: Refuse to Shoot at Gaza’s Civilians
IDF’s shooting at Gaza has already killed dozens of innocent civilians, among them young children, and achieved nothing but the an increase in the number of Kassam missiles fired at southern Israel from Gaza and an escalation in Palestinian hate and violence towards Israel.
Courage to Refuse Resumes Activity – Joined other NGO’s in a Protest Against The Killing of 7 Civilians in Gaza
The demonstration called for the halt of Israeli policy of targeted killings and preventive shelling, which is not only illegal, but also often results with the death of innocent Palestinian civilians.
High Court of Justice Rules in Favour of CTR and Declares the Organization's Activities Legal
All three judges accepted CTR's distinction between an organization that supports refusniks and an organization that calls for an act of refusal. The ruling also distinguishes legitimate conscientious acts of individuals from illegal acts of incitement.
Courage to Refuse office closed, activity will continue
Courage to Refuse Closes its Office in Tel Aviv. The Organization will Continue to Act and to Lead the Struggle of Israelis to End the Occupation
A New Annual Day Was Launched in Tel Aviv on June 17th: Back To Israel - Saving Democracy, Fighting the Occupation
The Back to Israel events lasted for 3 days, beginning on Friday, June 17th, with a unique fair at Tel Aviv Museum square followed by a rock concert participated by leading Israeli musicians.
CTR Demonstrated in the West Bank City of Ariel against the Establishment of Ariel University
Dozens of demonstrators arrived on Wednesday morning to the gates of the Judea and Samaria College in the settlement of Ariel to demonstrate against the Israeli government's decision Monday to turn the college - also known as Ariel College - into an Israeli university.
Dozens demonstrate in front of PM's home: Take the Settlers' Guns away!
Dozens of demonstrators from several peace movements demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister's residence under the slogan "Take their guns away". The protesters bore signs that said "one army is enough" and "we will not surrender to political terrorism".
Courage to refuse’s New Campaign Calls for Confiscation of the Settlers' Guns
This campaign is designed to become a wake up call for the Israeli public. It aims to create a public debate that will pressure Israeli officials into taking the appropriate measures against the extreme settlers. We also hope to encourage positive forces within the settlers' camp to advocate a non-violent struggle rather than engage in a campaign of threats against the Israeli democracy.
Parents to soldiers call their children in a public letter: refuse to serve the occupation
As more and more Israeli citizens understand the harm caused to our society by the ongoing occupation, it is expected that more groups will join us in our refusal to take part in it.
PM's Senior Advisor Confirms: The Refusal Generated the Disengagement Plan
Weisglass, who also pointed out the broad support in Israel for the Geneva as one of the reasons for Sharon's plan, told Haaretz about the process that led Sharon to decide on withdrawal from Gaza
Hundreds demonstrated in Tel Aviv against IDF's operation in Gaza Strip
Courage to Refuse members protested against Sharon's decision to put IDF's soldiers at such a risk, sending them to a dangerous activity that contributes nothing to the security of the citizens of Sderot, but takes a heavy toll in civilian lives on the Palestinian side.
David Zonshein and the Courage to Refuse nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2004
We are all part of a none compromising struggle for Israel's security and the safety of its citizens, yet at the same time we vow to prevent the loss of innocent lives, to guard human rights and dignity of all those affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
A Trailer was Removed from an Unauthorized Outpost by Peace Now with the Assistance of Courage to Refuse
Peace Now activists, together with members of Courage to Refuse, removed a trailer from a brand new unauthorized outpost in the west bank, one km away from another unauthorized outpost, named Migron.
Israel's leading Left- Wing Politicians attend Discussion Organized by Courage to Refuse
The debate had been organized by Courage to Refuse following a cancellation of a similar event in Kibbutz Kfar Masarik. Nearly 200 people attended the event, during which a panel of speakers argued for and against the selective refusal.
A Battalion Doctor in Regular Service Refuses to Serve in Gaza Strip
The officer told his commanders that he won't participate in the operation, since it is contradictory to the oath he took as a doctor and to the IDF's values. According to his commanders, Dr T's refusal followed his discontent from IDF's "Rainbow" operation in Gaza last month, in which extensive house demolition took place and many civilians were killed.
The State opposes to closing down Courage to Refuse
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and the Registrar of Non-Profit organizations Ruth Shalgi stressed that there are no grounds for closing down the NPO.
A film About Courage to Refuse in Jerusalem Film Festival
I wanted to be a Hero" will participate in the Sundance Festival on January 2005. Zur and the film producer, Avi Banon, attended an editing workshop in Sundance institute on June 2004.
60 EU Parliament Members published an ad supporting the Israeli Refuseniks
The European Parliament members described the refusniks as courageous, and explained that as one of the "moral voices of Israel and the world, they show the way to peace".
A Day After the Mourn Parade - Hundreds Demonstrate Again in Tel Aviv
The demonstration was attended by Members of the Knesset from Yachad-Meretz and from the Labour party.
The Demonstration in Tel Aviv Turned Into a March of Mourning
The demonstration was initiated by Courage to Refuse and the refusenik Pilots (who signed the Pilots' Letter last year - declaring they would not participate in any missions that would hurt innocent civilians) immediately after IDF's tank's shells hit a civilian demonstration in Gaza, killing 10 civilians.
Black Flags In Front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv
The planned operation, the demonstrators warned, would put the Israeli soldiers at an unnecessary risk while at the same time would cause a humanitarian crisis amongst Rafa's civilian population.
Courage to Refuse Took Part in a Mass Demonstration in Tel Aviv
Dozens of Courage to Refuse member participated in the demonstration, wearing the movement's white-and-blue T-shirts and carrying big signs demanding to get the soldiers out of Gaza.
Refuseniks protested near Gaza Following the death of 6 IDF soldiers
The demonstrator protested against the Israeli government's policy. They called Prime Minister Sharon and Minister of Defense Mofaz to stand behind their proclamation that Gaza Strip is not necessary for Israel's security, and get the soldiers out of there. "The government must not send soldiers to die in vain" said the protestors.
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz Expresses "Sympathy and understanding" Towards Conscience Objection
The Attorney General described the conscience Objection and the refusal based on political views as an "integral part of the Israeli reality and of the Israeli public discussion".
Courage to Refuse members announced: The REAL disengagement plan is underway
As the results of the polls were announced, dozens of CTR members gathered to protest in front of Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv. They carried banners and signs reading: "The Likud cut itself off from the people"
Israelis refuse to serve in the Territories – CTR campaign slogan for Independence Day activities
Dozens of CTR members participated in a campaign launched by Courage to Refuse on Independence Day. Hundreds of huge signs and banners were hung along highways and at major road intersections in the Tel Aviv Area as well as in the north of Israel.
Courage To Refuse to launch campaign following Yassin Killing
Yassin was a dangerous man, but his assassination put us all in a greater danger. The use of the IDF for this reckless, illegal mission is unbearable. This is a danger to Israel's democracy.
Dozens demonstrated in Tel Aviv: "Revenge does not Bring Security"
Dozens of Refuseniks (members of Courage to Refuse) demonstrated this morning in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, supported by signers of the Pilots' Letter and the Commandos' Letter.
Pilots and Commandos join in Courage to Refuse Demonstration
Pilots and Commandos joined Courage to Refuse in Mass Rally at Kissufim Checkpoint. Over 200 demonstrators called to end the occupation and bring the soldiers back home.
The Commandos have Courage to Refuse
After the Combatants' letter and the Pilots' Letter, the Commandos' Letter is further evidence that the occupation is a threat to Tzahal and to the state of Israel. When the finest of our boys refuse to serve, and are willing to risk severe sanctions in order to voice their cry of distress, it is high time our leaders understood that the occupation must be ended.
Courage to Refuse's first Demonstration in the Occupied Territories
Dozens of members of Courage to refuse demonstrated today at the Rimonim roadblock, in protest of what was termed by the IDF officials as "collective punishment". The demonstration was held following the imprisonment of a reserve soldier who refused to participate in this illegal activity.
Courage to Refuse demonstrate at Rabin Memorial Rally
8 years after the assassination of Itzhak Rabin, a memorial event was held at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. This traditional gathering of the Israeli peace camp over the remains of our dreams was marked by an unprecedented presence of Courage to Refuse.
A delegation of Courage to Refuse members visited the Knesset on Reservists’ Day
Members of Courage to Refuse visited the Knesset during a day designated ‘reserve duty day’ at the Israeli parliament. The refuseniks met with several members of the Knesset, and were greeted with sympathy and interest. The delegation was invited to attend the central meeting of the day, which was held in the Knesset’s auditorium.
The Pilots have Courage to Refuse
The Pilots’ Letter is very similar in spirit to the Combatants' Letter and conveys an identical message: the red line has been crossed, and there are things that Israeli soldiers mustn't do. The activities of the Israel Defense Forces in the occupied territories do not contribute to the security of Israel, and constitute an existential threat to peace and to our future.
Courage to Refuse sent Greeting Cards to Israeli MPs
Courage to Refuse sent New Year's greeting cards to all 120 members of the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament). The cards were sent following a series of meetings between members of the movement and a large number of Knesset members, and as a response to the extensive use of "targeted killings".
Bereaved parents join Courage to Refuse rally
The bereaved parents, who lost their children in terrorist attacks and in IDF operations, expressed their support of the Courage to Refuse movement, and noted the importance of the decision to refuse. "We have paid the price of political games with the blood of our children", said Rami Elhanan, who lost his daughter in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
President of the Israeli Civil Rights Association at Courage to Refuse Event: Refusal is Patriotism
Sami Michael, the reputed author and the president of the Israeli Civil Rights Association expressed his support for the members of Courage to Refuse, at a cultural event held at the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv.

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