Death in the Wee Hours

On Friday morning, August 2, 2002, at 2:45 AM, an IDF special unit vehicle drove to the outskirts of the village of Salim, east of Nablus. Several soldiers alighted from the vehicle and walked into the village. Their target was the home of Amjed Abd-El-Hadi Jubur, suspected to be a Hamas activist. Jubur, 26, had four little children (three girls and a boy).

The soldiers assassinated Amjed Jubur near his home. According to IDF spokesman's version, which was broadcast on Israeli media, Jubur ran away and the soldiers called him to stop. When he did not stop, they shot at him and killed him. The residents have a somewhat different version, and here it is.

The soldiers arrived at Jubur's home and called him to come out. He came out and was ordered to undress. Once undressed, the soldiers handcuffed him. They ordered him to walk naked in front of them. Jubur only walked a few dozen meters, when the soldiers shot him in the back - with his wife and children watching from the window. After confirming his death, they immediately left.

An eyewitness whose name is confidential has filed a complaint with the "Hotline" human rights organization in Jerusalem. Additionally, this version was passed on to Israeli radio stations.

(material supplied by Assaf Oron)