A Nonviolent Uprising and Its Quenching

The city of Nablus and its surroundings are considered a center of resistance to the Occupation. As such, the army has laid a heavy hand upon it in the past few months. Since the night of June 20/21, the city and the surrounding villages are under curfew. This curfew has been lifted for few, short breaks, about once a week. For the last two weeks, the curfew has not been lifted even once.

This week the residents of Nablus decided they've had enough, and went out to the streets en masse. They have succeeded in breaking the curfew without violence, by virtue of their large numbers. The soldiers just stood and watched helplessly. This phenomenon repeated itself on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday . It was widely reported in the foreign press; Israeli press barely paid attention to it, for some reason. The only thing that finally drove people into their homes, were news about the terror attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon.

Last night (August 1/2), a large army force drove into Nablus. According to reports, this force numbers around 150 armored vehicles. Allegedly, it is an operation to arrest suspect. But there is no armed Palestinian force in Nablus, that could even remotely justify an incursion of such magnitude. It is far more likely to assume, that the army has decided to put an end to the nonviolent uprising. The tanks and APC's have spread all over town, at intervals of 100m or less. Two schools near the Old Town have been destroyed. It is hard to imagine anyone daring to go out of their homes in this situation.

(material collected from reporters and residents by Assaf Oron)