The Palestine Monitor, A PNGO Information Clearinghouse
Update - 11 July 2002

The Israeli imposed curfew and closure kill Palestinians every day.
Two Palestinians were killed yesterday in separate incidents both connected
to the continued strict curfew in all major Palestinian cities and the
tight siege and closure around them.
Yesterday, Rami Al-Qattash, 20-years-old was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during curfew hours in the Al-'Askar refugee camp in Nablus. As most Palestinians, Rami and his friends were tired and exhausted of being confined to their homes 24 hours a day and defied the curfew. Suddenly a tank entered the neighborhood and Israeli soldiers opened fire at the children and people in the streets. Rami was hit by two bullets in the neck and died later in hospital in Nablus. Three other Palestinians were also injured in the incident.  

In another incident yesterday, Suheir Tawfiq Awaad, 60 years old died as he was prevented from receiving medical treatment. Suheir who lived in the town of Salfeet had heart problems and yesterday he suffered a heart attack. His family brought Suheir to the hospital in Salfeet were doctors ordered his transferal to the main hospital in Nablus. At the Huwara checkpoint, on the main road leading into Nablus, the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance transporting Suheir was stopped by Israeli soldiers manning the checkpoint. The soldiers held back the ambulance for a prolonged time and didn't allow the ambulance to pass even though the medical personnel explained the emergency and serious condition that Suheir was in. After one hour at the checkpoint Suheir died. Only then did the soldiers allow the ambulance to pass and continue to the hospital in Nablus.  

Suheir was the 67th Palestinian to die after being prevented access to medical treatment by the Israeli army since September 2000 when the current Intifada broke out.

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